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About the Most Dependable Marble Kitchen Countertops Provider Near You

As a team, we at GPE Home Design have been providing exceptional home improvement solutions to fulfill the high expectations of our customers in Alexandria, VA. We have been around since 1999 and have over 24 years of experience fabricating custom marble kitchen countertops and other products. If you’re wondering if we’re the perfect team for your cabinet, tile, and countertop installation project, take a look at what we offer the people of Alexandria, VA.

Marble Kitchen Countertops Alexandria, VA

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition?

We are situated in Alexandria, VA and equipped with the necessary equipment and instruments to provide superior marble countertops and services within a 40-mile radius. Each of our technicians is expertly trained and fully licensed for the job. We value hard work, effort, meticulous attention to detail, and professionalism. Our remodelers set us apart from competitors with an unwavering work ethic, fair prices, free estimates, and quality services.

Why Should You Hire GPE Home Design to Work on your Project?

We strive to make your cabinet, drywall, and marble countertops installation projects one-of-a-kind. Our team has come a long way since we opened our doors, so we guarantee you a hassle-free experience and impeccable results that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any concerns you’d like to discuss with a reputable marble kitchen countertops supplier? If yes, you should call GPE Home Design at (703) 214-3249! We will gladly address all of them!

Services List

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Deck Construction
  • Countertop Consultation
  • Granite Countertop Installation
  • Marble Countertop Installation
  • Quartz Countertops Installation
  • Countertops Fabrication
  • Fixtures & Tiles